Fabric Friday

This week I ended up buying quite a lot of fabric (probably over 30 yards– eek!).  On Monday, I received an email from one of my favorite cross-stitch shops in Indianapolis announcing that they were having to close (so sad!) and were having a 40% off sale of everything in the store.  That was too much temptation, so I hopped in the car and drove the hour to see what they had left.  Here’s what I ended up getting:

There wasn’t a ton of stuff left.  I guess there was a big run on the store in the morning, and it was afternoon by the time I got there.  They had a lot of My Big Toe designs left, so I picked up three of those that I didn’t have, a Lavender & Lace bride that I liked and a few other things that looked interesting.  The pattern on the bottom right is for a needle roll, so I might make that as a gift at some point.  I also picked up a 17″ Q-snap frame, which is great for quilting and cross stitch.  I only have one other small Q-snap, so this gives me a good larger option.

Since I was already in Indianapolis, I decided to make a tour of the area quilt shops.  I had bought this Michael Miller print a couple weeks ago:


It’s called “Windy Day,” and I just fell in love with the little dogs and swings.  I’m terrible about buying children’s prints when I don’t necessarily have children’s things I need to make.  I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for a baby quilt as a gift at some point even if I don’t have another little boy.  When I was at the quilt shop on Monday, I found these other fabrics with it that weren’t in last week. They’re all from the same line– “Backyard Baby” by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller.  The little bugs in jars were so cute that I just couldn’t resist, and then I had to buy little bits of the coordinating fabrics, too, of course.  Hopefully some little boys in need of quilts come along in the near future.

I also bought these fabrics just because I loved the colors.  I bought one fat quarter pack of the fabrics on the left and then I bought an extra half yard of the flower print because it was my favorite.  The other prints are by Ty Pennington, and again, I loved the colors.  I don’t have any specific plans for any of this, so into the stash it goes.


So where did the over 30 yards come from?  The $3/yd. clearance rack at the shop in my town.  They’ve been running a clearance sale for most of January, and it will go back up to $5/yd. after this weekend.  So, I decided I should stock up on whatever I wanted needed before the price went back up.  I got lots of fabrics to use for backings, and I cleaned them out of Moda’s Just Wing It line because I love those fabrics, and it’s really hard to pass up $3/yd.  I might make some little girls’ quilts to either give as gifts or sell in my etsy shop.

I plan to use the tree fabric from Just Wing It for the backing on a tree quilt that I’m making from blocks I’m receiving from Stash Bee.  My month is March, so it’s coming up quickly.  I loved the leafy print indigo fabric and thought it would also make a nice quilt back, so I bought the whole bolt.  It had almost 12 yards, so king size here I come!  The snowflake print is Kate Spain’s “Flurry,” and I bought several bits of fabric from that line for a Christmas quilt at some point, and this will make an awesome back.  I felt a little weird buying so much fabric all at once, but it’s tough to buy even a nice plain white muslin backing for $3/yd., so it really was an economical effort– or so I tell myself!  This was quite a fun week for me as far as fabric goes.

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