Central Park Quilt


Just after discovering the world of designer fabrics and finding out that we have a couple really nice quilt shops nearby, I stumbled onto a fat quarter sale ($1.50 each!) so I stocked up, buying with no particular plan in mind.  I bought several fat quarters from Moda’s Central Park line.  I especially loved the tree print.  So, then I set about to find a pattern that would work well with fat quarters.  I found this recipe on Moda Bake Shop.  I used a chocolate brown Kona for the frames, and I increased the border size to make it just a bit bigger since I intended to use it on a bed.

I didn’t know what to do about the quilting.  I ended up using white thread, but I really wanted the chocolate brown frames to stay sharp, so I was concerned that white wouldn’t look right.  I couldn’t come up with a better option, though, and it did end up looking fine with white thread.  At first I wanted to do square quilting lines, but since I’m not yet very good with straight line free motion quilting, I went back to stippling.  One of these days I’m going to start using my walking foot and just do straight lines, but that seems so boring to me for some reason.  I do love to stipple.  I like the puckery look it gives once the quilt is washed and dried, and I just plain have fun making squiggles on my quilt.


The binding is a scrappy one, made up of whatever was left of my fat quarters.  I also used some scraps on the back to fancy it up a bit.  I had planned to keep this and use it in our spare room, but I’m halfway considering placing it in my etsy shop.  My husband wants to keep it because he likes this one, but one house can only hold so many quilts, and I don’t have the usual emotional attachment to this one for some reason, so I’m thinking about letting it go. 

I’m definitely going to hit up the shop again when the fat quarters go on sale, though.  I do love this fabric.  I’m a sucker for anything in bright bold colors.

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