Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Vintage Baby Quilt

I don’t have any major WIPs going at the moment because my sewing machine is having a sick day (or week, or month).  It’s “shredding” my top thread when I free motion quilt.  It doesn’t totally cut the thread– just one fiber, and then it scrunches up as I sew.  Luckily, I don’t have a problem when I’m piecing.  I’m planning to take it in to the shop in a week when I leave for Florida to visit family (and hit the beach!!).  So, for now I’m just working on finishing up little projects I’ve been putting off or cleaning up my craft room.

I did overcommit myself a bit in the form of bee blocks this month, so perhaps it’s not so bad that I’m unable to do any actual quilting as I have plenty of piecing to do.  My plan is to get them finished this week before I leave for Florida since I don’t know how long my machine will be in the shop.  I don’t have a backup machine, and the repairman has had surgery recently, and the repair times are much longer than normal.

On to the WIP for the moment:  I’ve had this quilt top made for a while but hadn’t quilted it yet because I decided the vintage look of the fabric squares needed some hand quilting to set them off.  I burnt out a bit on hand quilting when I made this zig zag quilt, so this baby quilt has been sitting around for a while.


I started and finished the quilting yesterday evening, and I just have to finish hand-sewing the binding to the back.  I’m really happy with how it has turned out, but I am concerned about the thread bleeding since it’s a deep red.  I used perle cotton thinking it might be more colorfast than crochet thread, but it seems to have left slight stains where it rubbed across the white fabric when I quilted.  I didn’t notice that until one row from the end, and by then it was too late to do much about it.

So, my plan is to wash it in cold water, throw in a few color catchers, and hope for the best!  At least it’s just a baby quilt if it does get ruined.  I hope it makes it, though, because I really like this one.  I plan to list it on etsy when I’m finished, so I’m trying not to get too attached.  This one even rated a “That’s really cute” comment from my husband, and at this point he rarely comments on my projects anymore, so that made me like it even better.

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2 Responses to Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Vintage Baby Quilt

  1. Rebeckah A. says:

    Supper Love! This is so simple and it looks so good!

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