Stash Bee: February Block

These blocks are for Stash Bee, and the hostess requested blocks made with monochromatic strips of colors.  They were really fast and easy to make– you just sew strips together and then trim the final block to 8.5″ square.  She likes curving lines, but mine turned out to just be more angular than curved, or where they are curved, it’s too slight to tell unless you’re looking for them.  Hopefully that’s okay.

I made these with some scraps I had, and I cut strips off of some yardage as well.  I didn’t realize it, but I have very little red in my stash– must remedy that.  Anyhow, these aren’t my favorite fabrics as I tend to like very modern and bright prints, but I try to match the hostess’s style as best I can, and in her example block, she used more traditional flowery prints.  I don’t have many of those, either, but I managed to find some.

I finished these very early because my machine is destined for the shop soon, and I don’t know exactly how long it will take.  It feels good to have these finished early, though!


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