29 Day Organizational Challenge

My best friend, Laura, from confessionsofarecoveringchocoholic.com has joined an organizational challenge at Org Junkie.  Since I, too, have a room (okay, I have more than one room, but we’re only talking about one for right now) in dire need of attention, I’ve decided to join the challenge as well.

The challenge involves clearing one room of the clutter and reorganizing the space so that, in my case, it’s functional again.

Before I post the dreadful pictures, let me explain.  We’ve been doing some major remodeling on our 1890s house, and this room has been the catchall for everything– pictures that we can’t hang up because walls are being drywalled, boxes of baby clothes, curtain rods we can’t put up yet, 3 window unit air conditioners, a stockpile of diapers, and a random assortment of a lot of other things.  Oh, did I mention it’s also our “guest” room??  Hah.  I couldn’t have a guest stay there unless I had three months’ notice!

Anyhow, my plan is to get the clutter cleared out and have a functional guest room by March 1st.  This is one of the last two rooms to be remodeled, so even once it’s cleaned up, it still won’t look like much.  We have a corner where the wallpaper has been stripped to allow for a chimney repair last year, but the rest of the paper needs stripped, the dirty carpet pulled up and the wood floors refinished.  I don’t know how far in the future this will be, but I’ll be lucky if it happens this year.  Still, I know I would feel much better if I could at least walk in the room (being able to shut the door would be great, too!).

Without further ado, here’s the embarrassing proof (and yes, I did manage to climb in the room to get pictures from different angles):


Pretty scary, huh?  I definitely have my work cut out for me.  Here are two challenges I foresee:  first, I’ll be on a week long vacation during February, and I won’t be home to work on it.  Second, my husband has rewired most of our house, but the overhead light to this room isn’t hooked up yet.  This means I can only work in this room during the day.  My husband works second shift, and I do most of my housecleaning (what I do of the cleaning, that is) during the evenings while he’s at work.  However, it’s too dark to work in there after about 6 pm. 

So, I’ve asked my husband to hook up the electricity, and that’s planned for this weekend.  As for the vacation, I’ll just have to start ASAP and really put some time in on the room before I leave.  I’ll post progress pictures, so please keep me accountable!

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2 Responses to 29 Day Organizational Challenge

  1. jveenis says:

    Good luck, hope you managed to find some time to tackle the room. looking forward to seeing the end results

  2. I slept there once! Guess I couldn’t do that now. Our junk room was supposed to be the place we had large group gatherings – um, yeah, that hasn’t happened. We’ve had 2 or 3 large gatherings and we had them upstairs. I think the hardest part of tackling such a room is getting started. Good luck! I also hear you about the light thing. My craft room/office doesn’t have an overhead light and the lamp light is pitiful for actually doing crafts. Don’t worry, our basement will look worse than that room even when cleaned. We’ve pretty much decided we need to wait it out at least one spring to make sure it doesn’t have water issues. Also, I really don’t want to spend any more extra money until we have all the money set aside for Jason’s school.

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