Fabric Friday: fat quarters

My local quilt shop has “Fat Quarter Friday” every last Friday of the month, and on that day all their fat quarters are $1.50.  You can’t beat that!  The shop will also cut fat quarters from any bolt of fabric they have.  Basically, this means fabric is $6/yard!

I picked up some more of Moda’s Central Park line.  I used up all I had making this quilt that I plan to list on etsy, and I just love the fabric line, so I thought I’d stock up while it’s so cheap. 

I also picked up some FQs of Moda’s Pure Simple line.  I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do with it yet, but I was thinking it would be nice paired with some Essex Linen in a table runner or some placemats.

I bought more Dr. Seuss FQs as well.  Unfortunately, she’s running out of this fabric, so the color variety isn’t the greatest.  I’ll have to supplement with Seuss fabric from another shop.  I’ve had so many compliments on my little boy’s Dr. Seuss quilt that I wanted to have more on hand for a baby gift or even to make a quilt for etsy.

This last bunch of fabric is just something I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  I’m definitely not a fabric snob, and Hobby Lobby has some beautiful fabrics, designer or not.  The quality is pretty decent, too, as far as I can tell.  At this price (about $5/yard), they would make good quilt backs as well.

Bear with me for a brief tangent:  Some people can get so stuck up about “quilt shop” fabric or “designer only,” and I honestly think it’s rather silly.  The chain stores have some good fabrics, too.  I will say that I don’t plan to buy any more Joann’s fat quarters because some of those fabrics are almost transparent, but much of what I’ve bought at the chain stores has held up perfectly well.

All that to say, there are several other fabrics at Hobby Lobby that I plan to pick up in the near future.  The price is right, and although the variety is limited, what they do have is definitely my style.

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One Response to Fabric Friday: fat quarters

  1. I like some of the stuff they have at Hobby Lobby too, and JOAnns you really have to watch what your getting. Some of their fabrics are pretty thick good stuff.

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