February 99 Bee Block

This is the block chosen for February.  I LOVE the colors and fabric that were sent to me.  The prints are DS Quilts prints from Joann Fabrics.  She’s using this fabric as well as other DS Quilts prints, and I assume she’ll randomize them in the actual top.   

I also love the light gray background fabric.  Personally, I haven’t yet jumped on the gray bandwagon.  It seems like gray is the new “it” color for home decorating lately.  I honestly think in years to come it will be like the orange and brown combo of the seventies that we all make fun of, but I’m really warming up to grays now that I’m seeing all the beautiful new fabrics and quilts using grays in their color schemes.

I’m really tempted to make a similar quilt to this one because a quilt is a relatively low-cost, low-energy (at least from my perspective) way to get a little trendiness into our home.  I wouldn’t decorate a whole room with a gray color scheme, but this is partly because I don’t think it would fit well in our Victorian home with our furniture (mostly antiques).  Some people are really talented at creating that eclectic look and making modern decor work with antiques, but I’m unfortunately not one of them.

Anyway, this block is called “Pogo Stick,” and was very simple to make.  I love receiving my block fabric in the mail whenever a new month rolls around.  It’s like getting a present, even though I don’t get to keep it.  I love seeing the color combinations/designs that people choose, too.  It helps me get out of color ruts when making my own quilts.

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