King Size Wonky Star Quilt

This is by far the largest quilt I’ve ever made (120″ square).  I was so nervous when it came to quilting this on my home machine, but it turned out to be much easier than I had expected.  I used my neighbors’ clothesline for the picture, but I could still only get about half of it in the picture.

This quilt is the first one I’ve given as a wedding gift, and it’s for my youngest brother-in-law and his fiance.  I had asked my BIL what colors were going to be in their bedroom, and not suprisingly, he didn’t have much of a clue, so I gleaned what info I could from the registry (gray and black) and decided to make it scrappy and bright and trim it out with gray and black.  He said her favorite colors are pink and purple, so I leaned heavily toward those, and I personally ended up loving how bright and cheerful all the different fabrics made the quilt. 

I started out intending to do a sparkle punch quilt but decided that design required way too many wonky stars for a quilt this large.  I had never made wonky stars before this, and they take a lot longer than I would have thought.  This is mainly because of all the trimming required along the way.  Once I had made a few stars, I changed my design, lol.  I did still offset the stars a bit, though, and this design cut the stars required down by about half, which was much more manageable.

I really had no idea what type of pattern the bride would like best, but she likes modern, and I think she’s edgier and would like a wonky look better than traditional designs and fabrics.  I hope I came up with a good match for her.

I gave the quilt at a wedding shower, and I really think she loved it.  Afterward, my BIL called me to say how much they loved it, and it almost made me cry, although that could also be the pregnancy hormones– I’m such a softie lately, but he’s such a sweetie!

Anyhow, I’m hoping that by going with all different colors, this will be something they can use over the years despite their bedroom colors inevitably changing.  Although this was a major feat for me– quilting the largest quilt I’ve ever made while battling some serious morning sickness– I would do it all over again now that I know how much they like it.


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6 Responses to King Size Wonky Star Quilt

  1. Sandra says:

    Laura sent me a link to your blog and I enjoyed reading about the birthday party and your quilts. I am like you and like to do one hobby for awhile, then move on to the next. You and I seem to have similar tastes in crafts. Maybe i will get brave enough to try a virtual quilting bee, too.

    • tkdtara84 says:

      Yes, I tend to move from one hobby to the next, but I almost always go back to them at some point. Quilting has stuck around through the years, and now that I’ve learned about machine quilting, I find it much more doable than when I was doing everything by hand. With a machine, I can easily finish a large project in a few weeks. It’s stuck now for a year, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

      You would like a virtual bee! It’s just making a block, so the time involvement isn’t that great. Plus, it has made me try new things, which is good for keeping my interest and improving my skills. You can learn so much from online tutorials and blogs.

  2. debnquilt says:

    what a doll to make a quilt when you feel so badly . I love the wonky design and think I might try it. I’m not sure what to put with it to put it all together but will figure it out. I agree the mix of colors should go with about anything thru the years,Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift !!!!
    Debbie Kelly

  3. debnquilt says:

    I love the large wonky stars . I m not quite sure how to put it all together just have seen how to make one.I give you so much credit for making that quilt in spite of your weakness at this time.You did a beautiful job and the colors should go far as you said to last thru the years with any color change they have
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt with us !!!!!
    Debbie Kelly

    • tkdtara84 says:

      Thanks! There are several good tutorials for wonky stars. I actually had to chart mine out on graph paper to figure out how to stagger them like I did. I started out planning to do a “sparkle punch” quilt like you can find on If you go to her blog and search for it, she has a few great tutorials on how to do that. However, her stars are closer together, and I found it would take me way too long to do that many, so I compromised and staggered them as you see– but I couldn’t have plotted them out without graph paper, so a good chart is key.

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