My son’s 2nd Birthday Party

For my little boy’s birthday this year, I did a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party since that’s his favorite book at the moment.  I think he only likes it because the book has holes to stick his finger through, but whatever.

I’ve had such a hard time with morning sickness that I planned to make a very easy cake this year, and what’s easier than cupcakes?  It was so simple and fast to throw together.  I was happy with the way it turned out, and I even liked it better than some tiered cakes I had contemplated before deciding on the easy way out.  Last year, I made this cake…and cookies, and cake pops:

I didn’t even want to attempt something on that big of a scale with my uncertain state of nausea.  Also, it was a smaller party– only immediate family.  However, he has five sets of grandparents, plus several aunts and uncles, so it really wasn’t all that small!

Anyhow, things turned out well this year, and Damon definitely liked the cake:


In this next one, the icing on his hands had been bothering him, so one of his uncles wiped them off, but he still had cake left.  What a little problem solver he is!

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One Response to My son’s 2nd Birthday Party

  1. laurajane says:

    Love the cake!! So cute! Plus I love how simple it is. Can’t believe he’s already 2! Plus this is the first time I’d seen his first birthday cake – I can see why you didn’t want to do something that elaborate again, but that looks like a magazine!

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