Baby Girl Quilt

This little quilt is for my cousin’s new baby (as yet unborn and almost a week overdue).  This is their second girl, and I’m hoping I have the chance to make a nice personalized label for it, but they don’t yet have a name picked out, so that will have to wait.  The plan is to hand-embroider her name on the front, but that may or may not happen depending on time.  I plan to take it to them in the hospital. 

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby, and even though I had plenty to choose from in my stash, I went ahead and bought it (it’s a sickness, really).  I loved the colors, and her room is pink and brown (reused from their first girl), but this adds a few other colors into the mix, too, so while it coordinates, it’s also different for a new baby.

I used a whirligig tutorial from a couple different sources and then basically did my own.  Both tutorials suggested making a set pattern for the whirligig, but I just cut a square and then whacked it in half wonky-style.  They’re similar, but not exactly the same.  It worked quite well, though, and was way easier and faster than using a template for all of them.

For the back, I pieced some scraps together for interest, and since the fabric at Hobby Lobby is so cheap (in price, not in quality, in my opinion!), I decided to go for a coordinating printed back.  I used a bias-cut stripe for the binding, and I think it all turned out quite cute.

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One Response to Baby Girl Quilt

  1. Jessica says:

    You did an amazing job on this quilt! It’s very cute and perfect for a new baby girl!

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