Teacher Thank-Yous

My little boy has now moved on to the two year old Bible class at our church.  For about a year and a half now, he’s been in the “baby” class.  The mothers stay in the class with them, and we sing a bunch of songs and tell quick Bible stories, and they have little toys for each lesson.  I was skeptical about what they could possibly learn at that age, but after seeing it all in action, I think it was a really great experience for him.

Anyhow, he’s had the same two teachers the whole time, so now that he’s moving on, I decided to give them thank you gifts.  I made a couple little things and put them in a gift bag with a Starbuck’s gift card.

I’ve been wanting to give potholdersanother try since my last attempt (before I discovered machine quilting), so I made two sets of potholders, and I was quite happy with how they turned out.  This time I hand-bound them instead of doing it on the machine like last time, and it looks a LOT better this way.

These are small jars of jam that I made last summer/fall.  I used some scrap fabric and some ribbon to dress them up a little.

I also took a couple of old spaghetti sauce jars I’d washed and saved, spray painted the lids, and decorated the jars with a scrapbook kit I’ve had collecting dust for a few years.  I think they ended up quite cute!  I filled them with homemade mini chocolate chip cookies and called it a day.

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