Mother’s Day tote bags

I found this tote bag tutorial a few months ago on pinterest, but I just recently read about it and found out how easy it was to make these tote bags.  Once I discovered that you don’t actually have to make the bag part, I was sold.  I had been looking for something cute to make for Mother’s Day gifts, but I didn’t post this until now in case my mom were to pop over and read my blog.

The canvas totes come in a package of three from Walmart (in the craft department with the fabric paints), and they run about $2 apiece!  Talk about cheap!  At that price, I bought two packages so I have some for future quick gifts.  I also plan to make one for myself sometime, too, because I just like the bag.

I made these bags a bit differently than the tutorial instructs, but it’s easy to make some modifications once you read through the tutorial.  I made mine a bit more ruffly than in the tutorial, and I sewed my ruffle in a circle first and hemmed it before pinning it onto the actual bag and sewing all the way around the bag.  I also serged my edges to prevent fraying underneath.  I thought sewing the ruffles in a circle first gave the edges of the bag a more finished and clean look than it has in the tutorial.  (Although her method is easier and faster, so to each his own!)

For my mother-in-law, I chose this black and red flower print.  I got 1/3 yard of this in a scrap bag I bought one time at a quilt shop, and I had no idea what I could ever use it for because it just wasn’t my style, and I would never make a quilt using that fabric.  However, I thought my MIL would like it, and now that it’s on the bag, I actually like it myself.

For my mom’s, I chose a fabric from my stash that had yellow in it since that’s her favorite color, and I also lengthened the straps quite a bit because she likes to be able to carry everything over her shoulder, and the original straps are more like a handbag length.

All in all, I think they turned out pretty cute.  Each bag took a couple of hours from start to finish, and since I already had the fabric, I technically only spent about $2 out of pocket– not too bad for a cute little summer bag.

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