“Spare” baby quilts

I bought some good baby quilt fabric recently and wanted to make a couple extra baby quilts to have lying around in case I was in need of a good quick baby gift.  Most of the time I have plenty of advance warning of a baby’s birth or a baby shower, but since baby quilts are quickly becoming my signature gift, I thought it might be good to have a small backlog in case I get busy and can’t finish one sometime.

Some people might flinch at the idea of putting in the time of making a baby quilt for someone who’s less than a very close friend, but I don’t feel that way.  Quilting is a hobby that I just love, so even if the gift takes a few hours of “work,” it’s a few hours I really enjoyed.  I would do it anyway, and one house can only hold so many quilts, so naturally I turn to gifts.  Plus, I need an outlet for my fabric addiction.  I’ve accumulated WAY too much fabric, and there are always new fabrics coming out that I just know I’ll fall in love with and have to buy.

I chose this design first because I liked it, but secondly because it’s so fast and easy.  It’s made from charm squares, and you can find the tutorial here.  I cut my charms from yardage and scraps, but you can always use a charm pack instead.

This is a great design because it’s pleasing to the eye (odd numbers of stripes, etc. are always best!) and it’s something that would appeal to most young mothers who might have a more modern style.  I don’t like to make overly traditional quilts as gifts unless I know the mother well and know she would like it.  Most of my friends would prefer a cleaner, more modern look.

In this case, I made a boy quilt and a girl quilt to have on hand.  Now that I’m thinking of it, I think a gender neutral quilt might also be handy– possibly even more handy since it could be used for either gender, even if I knew what it was.  I guess I have my next project!

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