Wonky 9-Patch for a baby boy

I posted here previously about my first attempt at the wonky 9-patch.  It was much easier than I expected, and I’m sure I’ll be using this in the future when I need a quick quilt.

I chose this dog fabric because I have a TON of it, so I decided also to use it for the back.  I love printed backs, but usually I don’t want to use so much my precious/expensive fabric at once.  In this case, I’m trying to reduce my six yard stash, so printed back it is!

This quilt is for a friend at my church who’s having her first little boy.  While I have no idea what his room is like, I really don’t think it matters if it matches or not.  I use these type of quilts as play mats at other people’s houses, car quilts when it gets really cold, or as covers for infant carriers when going from the car into a store.  In my mind, they’re toss-around, useful blankets.

I do know that this family likes dogs– they have two, so I thought this fabric would be appropriate.  I’m giving it to her at her shower along with a couple other little gifts.  Hopefully she likes it!

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