It’s a boy! My sewing plans for the new nursery

Although this will be our second boy, and although deep down I was hoping for a girl, the new fabrics I’ve chosen for the nursery have perked me back up.  Initially, if it was a boy, I had planned to reuse my son’s bedding and his room decorations and move my oldest little boy into the new room.

We’ve since decided against that for several reasons, but one reason is that I think it’s important for me to fix up a room for the new baby, just like I would have done if he had been a girl.  For me the creative process of decorating is a big part of the excitement of a new baby, so this gives me something to look forward to and something new to do since we won’t be doing much other shopping at all because we can reuse all my son’s clothes and paraphernalia.

At first I thought I’d use Michael Miller’s “Children at Play” fabric since I love that line and had already begun a quilt with that for my older boy but had never finished it.  However our glider is a green checked print, and the colors would totally clash.

Then I remembered I had bought some Michael Miller “Backyard Baby” fabric a few months ago.  I paid full quilt shop price at the time (which is rare for me!) because I fell in love with it when I saw it.  I had no intended purpose at the time other than as a gift for someone eventually.  I’m really excited that I get to use it for my own little boy now!

I just ordered all the extra fabric that I’ll need to do the whole room from bedding to curtains, and I only spent $60.  I’m even making the sheets.  I was honestly quite surprised at how economic this is, considering I’m using designer fabric.  We spent $120 for my older son’s bedding, and it was one of the cheaper sets from Target!  The nice thing about making the bedding is that it will be exactly how I want it to be, and he’ll be able to keep the baby quilt that I made for him.

I plan to turn the “Children at Play” quilt into a smaller car quilt for this new baby.  My other son has a Dr. Seuss car quilt, so now they’ll both have their own.  It’s also nice to have a larger blanket stored in the car in case we go to someone’s house, and I need a play mat of sorts for the baby.

Part of me feels silly and wasteful for making all new bedding when the bedding we already have is in perfectly good shape.  However, sometimes it’s okay not to be practical.  I want to have the same excitement and energy about this baby as I did with my first one, and even though he won’t understand it at all, I want him to have something of his own.  It’s all for me, of course, but I’m okay with that.  I’m being practical with clothing and gear, so I’m letting myself splurge on the quilting/sewing/decorating end. 🙂

I’ll post updates as I work on the different bedding components.  I doubt it will take me too long to finish, and since it’s a boy and not a girl, the nursery is really my only baby project.  For some reason I just don’t get much satisfaction out of sewing clothes for a boy.  Now dresses on the other hand… oh well, maybe someday.

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One Response to It’s a boy! My sewing plans for the new nursery

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m planning on making all the bedding and decorations for our nursery as well, and had been concerned about how much I would actually save. Now I can’t wait to find out the gender so we can pick out fabric and I can start sewing. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new nursery turns out!

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