June Bee Blocks

We Bee Learning– This block is a traditional block known by many names (churn dash is the one I know it by).  A 30s reproduction print was requested.  I’m not sure this is exactly that, but it’s kind of close, and it’s the best I had in my stash, which is the basis of this bee, so I went with it.

99 Bee– She chose “On the Plus Side” for her block.  I tried this block once before, but it turned out too large.  My seams were apparently too small, and when there are this many in a block, it makes a big difference.  So, this time around, I took slightly larger seams, and it turned out perfectly.  I really do like this block, and I’d love to make a whole quilt out of it, but I think I would pull my hair out by the time it was finished.  All those little seams are pretty tedious.

Stash Bee– This month, she asked for crystal shapes on black.  It will be interesting to see what this quilt looks like when it’s all put together.  It’s not exactly my style, but I think it might look kind of cool once it’s all together.  For some reason, I really hated the whole crystal making process.  I used paper piecing to make these, but I wasn’t fond of how precise the points had to be to look right and how many tiny little fabric pieces I had to use to get them to look right.  I had planned to put on a third one, but after the second was done, I threw in the towel.  She didn’t specify a number, so I just went with two– all I can say is I’m glad this block is finished!


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