An antique quilt

I picked this up from a secondhand store several years ago.  I love antiques, and the owner would buy estates full of furniture, open his store Thursday-Saturday and sell everything he had bought the week before.  His goal was to move stuff quickly, so prices were always great.  I bought the majority of my antique furniture there– some in better shape than others (enter my dad, furniture restorer extraordinaire).

This quilt happened to be in there, and it was actually from the owner’s family, and he just wanted to get rid of it.  It was really dirty, but other than that, it was in pretty good shape.  He sold it to me for $20– yes, $20!!  I threw it in the washer and figured if it came out worse than it went in, than I hadn’t lost too much.

It came out quite clean, with no major stains.  The fabric is a little worn in some spots, and in the top left star, there are two spots where it has worn through.  If it becomes an issue, I can fix this at some point, but the batting isn’t raveling out, so for now I’m just leaving it.  Even with these worn spots, I was thrilled with how it came out of the washer.  Once it was clean, it was a lot easier to see the design and stitching, which is amazing, really.  This is heavily quilted, by hand of course.  It fits a full size bed.

Whenever I look at it, I have trouble imagining how much time it must have taken to quilt all of it by hand.  I’ve hand-quilted before myself, but these stitches are no more than a centimeter apart over the entire quilt.  I would never have had the patience for that much quilting on one piece.  I love this quilt for the time put into it alone.

I’ll be showing this at the fair this year, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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One Response to An antique quilt

  1. Jodi says:

    LOVE this!!!

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